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Yacht Charter Croatia info

Yacht charter CroatiaCroatia is one of the world’s yachting and sailing favorite destination and all the main types of yacht charter are available such as motor yachts, sailing boats, cruising gulets, bareboat charter, skippered, crewed yachts, catamaran, power boat, sailboat, luxury yachts and off-course the ever increasing super yacht charter. The lovely warm days, clear blue skies and distinct vegetation, makes Croatia feel very much a part of Mediterranean. Croatia sailing season is quite long runs from about April through to about the end of October. In general the locals are warm and courteous and make great hosts in their beautiful country. Charter bases in Croatia now cover over thousand miles of shoreland along the Adriatic named the cleanest body of water in the world by underwater legend, Jacques Cousteau. There are 50 marinas in Croatia, which are members of the association of marinas and have 13.200 moorings in the sea and 4.500 on the land. Marinas continuously work to improve and enrich their services, and to adjust to the new needs and wishes of their guests. Croatia is a great place to enjoy yourself in many other ways - with excellent food, drink and entertainment wherever you go. Whatever your preference, the Croatian experience will stay with you, for a lifetime.

Why - yacht charter Croatia ?

Yacht charter Croatia

Yachting and sailing in Croatia guarantees you will escape the crowds to the more secluded beaches and unknown, quite anchorages of some 1100 islands and islets along the Adriatic coast.

Yacht charter Croatia is acclaimed to be one of the the best bareboat yacht charter holiday destination in the Mediterranean. Lying no more than sixty miles from Italy and sheltered from the Mediterranean, the islands of Croatia are unspoilt and a secret waiting to be discovered. Steeped in history, the 1185 islands form a chain running north west to south east with many yacht marinas.

Croatia is the closest Mediterranean destination to central Europe. It takes 2 hours by plane from London, 45 minutes from Munchen... Croatian natural beauties are significant and amongst the best preserved in the world. More about Croatian island find on our page ABOUT CROATIA.

Where - yacht charter Croatia ?

Yacht charter CroatiaOur charter bases in Croatia now cover over thousand miles of shoreland along the Adriatic. Croatia Yachting offer you most popular embarkation marinas on Croatian coast from north to south Adriatic.

You can charter yachts from Split, Dubrovnik, Trogir, Biograd, Sukosan, Rogoznica, Primosten, Zadar, Pula and many other marinas in Croatia. Most of the beautiful places in Croatia are located on the Adriatic sea and coast like National Park Brijuni islands, Roman arena in Pula, National Park Kornati islands, Pakleni otoci archipelago, old towns Zadar, Trogir, Sibenik, Hvar, Korcula, Split, Dubrovnik, National Park island Mljet... The starting marina of your sailing holiday can be tailored to your requirements.


When - yacht charter Croatia ?

Yacht charter Croatia - sailingWhen to holiday in Croatia depends very much on what you want to do in Croatia. For sailing, Croatia is ideal from late March to mid July and then from September to early November. Most of July and August are very busy on the Adriatic, both on the coastal roads necessary to get to the marinas and on the Adriatic Sea itself. Weather-wise (or more appropriately wind-wise) late July and August aren't the best choice. Just before and after that, however, you can count on just the right wind for good sailing. If sailing in the winter be sure that you are chartering a boat with a heating system as blankets will not be enough from November to March. Normally you can swim in the sea from mid May to late September.

For those not interested primarily in sailing, May to September is an ideal time to visit Croatia. July and September are probably the best since at that time you are unlikely to be surrounded by crowds of other visitors. The weather is beautiful, and warm enough to enjoy the coasts. More about weather on page WEATHER IN CROATIA.

Sailing in Croatia?

Yacht charter CroatiaThe long chain of rugged islands off Croatia's mountainous coast make this a cruising haven that is considered to be among the best in the world. Fine deep channels with abundant anchorage and a stable continental climate attract many sailing enthusiasts. There are no big waves and high sea. The conditons are perfect for nice and easy sailing. There are no long distance routes across the open sea. You can anchor anytime you want and take a swimm.

To conclude, if you want to enjoy in Croatia - sail in Croatia!





Bareboat in Croatia

Yacht charter CroatiaBy far the most popular category and the most widely available yacht charte in Croatia. When you bareboat, you sail the boat yourself, from A to Z, and are entirely responsible. The person in charge of the charter needs to have skippering experience on a yacht close to the size you intend to charter.

Croatia Yachting will require you to provide your sailing résumé, and to have all necessary navigational skills and to possesses a valid license necessary for the navigation at the open sea and the radiophone certificate, which have to be presented to the office of Croatia Yachting.

If it appears you are not competent enough to warrant the boat's and the crew's safety we will provide skipper service. (See below: Skippered bareboat.) In any case, we strongly suggest that you do not overestimate your skills.

As the skipper, you will be responsible of the keeping and sailing of the boat, and of your crew's safety. Before leaving the marina though, you will get a thorough chart briefing, and a boat briefing to show you all the boat's systems.

Skippered bareboat in Croatia

Yacht charter CroatiaYou are still using a bareboat but you add a skipper for all or part of the cruise. Croatia Yachting will choose and provide the skipper for your party and charge for that service. You are also responsible for feeding the skipper. This is good option if you want to eventually bareboat, but don't feel comfortable enough in your skills yet; or if you are discovering a new or challenging sailing area and feel the need to have a guide for your holiday or just a couple of days.





Crewed yacht charter in Croatia

Yacht charter Croatia - Crewed YachtThe yacht comes with a permanent, live aboard captain, engineere and cook/chef. Crewed yachts tend to be larger, more luxurious than bareboats, and usually have more "toys", like a windsurf, snorkeling equipment or a kayak. Some even offer scuba diving or water-skiing. In last few years among most popular are crewed gulets in Croatia. The secret of an enjoyable crewed charter is essentially the crew, not only the boat. Of course, the boat has to be adequate, but the crew will make or break your cruise. On a crewed yacht, it is entirely up to you to be just a relaxed luxury vacationer, or to participate in the sailing, or to learn new skills from the skipper. In most cases, if you so desire, the captain will let you steer or handle some sailing chores under his supervision. Also If previously not specificated You and your party can choose, with the agreement of the captain, the day's activities and the itinerary, on a day-to-day basis.
Remember though: Ultimately, the Captain is in charge, not you. In other words, if he deems that some previously selected destination is no longer suitable (poor weather, rolly anchorage, or any safety reason), he will have the last word and change the plans according to his judgment. If he is a good skipper, he will be very diplomatic about this and find a nice replacement destination. But do not expect him to compromise safety just to make you happy.

Yacht charter CroatiaCost fine print: You will not find this in bold letters in your charter contract. It is customary and expected to tip your crew, as gratuities represent about 30 to 50% of their income. The amount should be between 5 to 15% of the cost of your cruise. So if your charter cost € 10,000, and you are satisfied of the service you received, you are expected to give a gratuity between € 500 and € 1,500. This is a significant amount of money and many charterers don't realize this or simply don't even know it! Do not make any mistake though: Crews usually deserve this, as their job is very hard. Much harder than it looks. So make sure you compute the gratuity in your vacation cost.

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Croatia yachting news/news.html">Croatia Charter news

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en/Contact.html">Contact and offices

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