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How to Book

In order to make the reservations as smooth as possible, we have prepared the following guide describing the usual procedure of booking the charter for your yachting holidays in Croatia.


Select the preferred type of the yacht, number of cabins/berths, charter period, charter base, and contact us, to check availability. The more information we get from you, the more appropriate choices we propose. Usually you can expect an answer within the same day. Very often our answer includes more than one available yacht, offered equipment, prices and discounts - ALL to meet your requirements. Please note that departure & return of charter is usually scheduled for Saturday. Duration of charters is 1 or 2 or 3...full weeks


After you are informed about available yachts and prices, and are really interested in one or more yachts, you should advise us to keep the yacht(s) for you. In such a case we will keep one or at maximum two of the previously offered available yachts under "option" for a maximum period of 7 days. This means the boat is blocked for you for one week - until your final decision is made. If you do not confirm the booking during this period of time, this "option" will automatically be cancelled. Please note: In case the option is asked during the high season (June - September) or if an option is asked 1 month or less before the commencement of the charter, then the "option" lasts less than 3 days.


When you consider your booking fix and final, please confirm it in written by sending us your personal data(full name, address), contact phone number and other special requirements or useful information.


Right after we receive your booking confirmation with your personal data, we will send to you: - Charter contract (which must be signed and sent back to us at fax no. 0038521 332 331) - Proforma invoice with banking details and payment conditions.



We will be expecting a first payment of 50% of the yacht charter fee (by bank transfer) within 7 days after the contract is sent to you. Once we receive first payment on our bank account we will send you BOOKING CONFIRMATION sheet. The final payment of 50 % should be paid to us (again by bank transfer) latest 30 days before departure. NOTE: Credit cards or personal checks of any kind are NOT accepted. Charter will not begin in case we don’t receive the full payment before embarkation.


All the yachts are insured against fire, marine and collision risks, third party liability and against any part or total loss or damage, in excess of the amount of the "security deposit" that client leave at the departure base, according to charter contract. The security deposit amount is returned to the charterer after the check out procedure upon the safe redelivery of the boat and at the same condition as on delivery. In case of minor damages made to the yacht during your charter time, we will charge the charterer accordingly. ALL damaged should be cleared out and signed at the return base by both the skipper and the charter base manger. The Security Deposit DOES NOT cover fuel/water consumption, end-cleaning expenses and delay of redelivery of the yacht without prior agreement with us. Results of gross negligence are not to be covered by the Security deposit and may rise legal actions against the author(s).


Final cleaning of the yacht is obligatory for all charterers. This fee should be paid as stated in proforma invoice and contract (together with charter fee or at embarkation). The same applies for any extras you order (skipper, hostess, spinnaker, outboard, blister, windsurf, etc.)


We calculate cancellation fees based on the period of time between the date of cancellation and the departure date as follows:
A) Cancel 99 days or more before departure then 3% (dossier's expenses) is retained.
B) Cancel 98-60 days before departure then 30% of the yacht fees is retained.
C) Cancel 59-30 days before departure then 50% of the yacht fees are is retained.
D) Cancel 29-0 days before departure then 100% of the yacht fees is retained.
We are pledged to return cancellation fee in case the yacht under cancellation is re-chartered under the same conditions.

Arrival at the base


After the final payment has been settled we will send you BOARDING PASS with info on marina/base, boarding instruction and contact phone numbers in base so you can be assisted accordingly. At this time we should have received from you:

  • Crew-list (names, passport numbers, full addresses, emergency phone numbers)
  • Copy of skipper's licences (bareboat charter only)
  • Arrival time and place, final number of passengers, flight details (if any)
  • Preference list (crewed charter only)


For arrivals after 18:00, we strongly recommend that you advise base manager or staff in base or ask us to arrange a transfer service from the arrival point/airport directly to the yacht.


Supermarkets or smaller grocery stores are available almost in all bases and departure points at a walking distance. In some bases provision can be delivered by us directly to the yacht and can be paid on the spot, only if we receive a provisioning list at latest 10 days before embarkation.


Transportation from the airport to the harbor and from the harbor to the airport can be arranged in advance. We can provide a bus (or a minibus), limousine or taxi, all at extra charge, payable directly to driver or at the base before embarkation.


All extras such as skipper, hostess, windsurf or spinnakers/blisters, should be ordered at least one month before embarkation. We will try to honor last minute requests, but cannot guarantee availability.


According to the contract the embarkation time is at 16:00h/18:00h(depends of base) but most of the times the yachts are ready for charter quite earlier.
When you arrive at the departure base, you should proceed to the meeting point where a briefing, will take place. During the briefing base staff will inform you of the weather forecast, delivery and return procedures etc. They will also inform you how to proceed in case of an emergency or problems with the yacht and where/how to ask for help. Settlement of the security deposit and of any other financial matters will also take place (if not already done).
Please note that port authorities or base manager may demand to see skipper license or sailing resume, so please do not forget to carry this sort of documentation with you. Also note that base manager may demand test drive (maneuvering) to check your navigational skills.
When the briefing is over, the base manager will lead the crew to the yacht, where the responsible person of the yacht will go through the inventory list and explain all technical things onboard. The so-called "check list" or hand-over form should be signed by your side, where any existing minor damages on the yacht should be reported. The time you need to take-over the yacht is part of your rented charter time.


According to the contract the disembarkation time is at 08:00h/ 09:00h (depends of the base). All clients are kindly advised to be back to the port of disembarkation the night before. Check out time should be pre-arranged in case of an early flight back or other reasons. The base manager together with the captain will check the yacht with the same inventory list they have used during check-in, which should be signed again by both sides.

Search Your Yacht

Select Date for of arrival

Search for available boat or call:

+385(0) 21 332 332
+385(0) 91 332 3331

Working hours CET:
Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 16:00


Special offers

Croatia Charter Guide

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Croatia yachting news/news.html">Croatia Charter news

Croatia Info

Company profile

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en/Contact.html">Contact and offices

Partner program

Special offer

Elan 410 Kastela - Kastela special offer -10%


Elan 384 Impression Kastela - Kastela special offer -10%


Elan 384 Impression Kastela - Kastela special offer -10%


Elan 384 Impression Dubrovnik - Dubrovnik special offer -10%


Elan 344 Impression Kastela - Kastela special offer -10%


Elan 37 Kastela - Kastela special offer -10%


We recommend

Elan 514 Impression Marina Kastela


Elan 450 Performance Marina Kastela


Elan 434 Impression Marina Kastela


Elan 384 Impression Marina Kastela


Lagoon 380 Marina Kastela


Sun Odyssey 54 DS Split ACI


Bavaria 50 Cruiser Split Spinut


Bavaria 46 Cruiser Split Spinut


Bavaria 39 Cruiser Split Spinut